Todd London

Todd London is the President of ActionLink. Todd is responsible for all ActionLink operations and long-term business strategies. He joined ActionLink in 2014 and led significant field teams, oversaw field operations, merchandising/buying, marketing, innovation, and leadership development, and managed large-scale vendor portfolios.

Todd has decades of experience in retail operations, strategic planning, business modeling, and leadership development. He is a passionate person with unending energy in retail store operations, food, and Boston Sports.

Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner is the Senior Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Operations. He joined ActionLink in 2015 and led teams in developing technology to support client success and brought tech innovations to our industry.

Mike has a long history in IT within our industry, including mobile retail data collection, analytics, and reporting. With strong business acumen and breadth of technology talents, he balances what is possible with what is most impactful. When he's not at work, Mike enjoys the California coast, playing guitar, or chasing after his English bulldog.

Craig Jarman

Craig Jarman is our Senior Vice President of Growth & Strategy. He joined ActionLink in 2022 and is responsible for helping our client partners and internal teams create innovative solutions to drive their business.

Craig is a self-proclaimed Retail Geek who loves to be close to the fast-paced action of the ever-evolving retail landscape. He grew up in retail, starting with working in-store. Over the years, Craig has worked with hundreds of brands and retailers, partnering to design world-class retail programs. Outside of retail, he loves to spend time with his family taking advantage of the beauty of Utah and the Mountain West, snowboarding in the winter, and hiking and fishing in the summer. Craig is originally from St. Louis and never misses a Cardinals game.

Tara Scherler

Tara Scherler is the Vice President of Merchandising Operations. She joined ActionLink in 2004 and led sales and merchandising operations and client service experience.

Tara has extensive experience boosting client engagement and exceeding program execution. She is a leader in strategy and tactical planning. Tara attended The University of Akron. She enjoys spending time with her family on the lake, watching her daughter play volleyball and a healthy dose of laughter.

Andy Chow

Andy Chow is the Vice President of Sales Operations. He joined ActionLink in 2021 to lead our sales organization.

Andy has a great deal of experience leading operational teams at Best Buy ranging from Sales Enablement, Merchandising, Operating Model Development, and Subscription Services. Additionally, he spent over a decade overseeing different areas for CE brands like product development and business development. He is an avid photographer and also teaches photography. You can find him doing photoshoots at sporting events, air shows, and even an occasional portrait session with friends.

Brent Baseggio

Brent Baseggio is the Senior Director of Field Operations. He joined ActionLink in 2011 and leads our Merchandising Field Division.

Brent has in-depth experience managing field operations. Away from the company, you will find him with his family and friends making memories. Those memories often come in the sights and sounds of sports and music. Brent often attends sporting events and concerts - but don't ask him about them, or else you will hear endless stories about Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder.

Marci Kearney

Marci Kearney is the Senior Director of Account and Client Services. She joined ActionLink in 2016 and led sales, marketing, merchandising, and corporate communications.

Marci has wide-ranging experience spanning multiple industries, from technology to tourism. She brings a unique blend of innovative and strategic thinking and can quickly switch gears to tactical execution. Marci graduated from the University of Puget Sound. And when she is not at work, you can find her on a golf course or enjoying live music.

Rocky Watt

Rocky Watt is the Director of Business Intelligence and Reporting. He joined ActionLink in 2015 to lead the charge in reporting, analytics, and data-related business processes.

Rocky has a strong background in 3PL and field operations. He has an affinity for using data to drive and enhance decision-making processes and increase the value we bring to our client partners. Rocky graduated from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. When not working, you can find him in the outdoors camping, fishing, and enjoying time with his family.

Amanda Millstone

Amanda Millstone is a National Account Director for ActionLink. She joined ActionLink in 2018 to lead sales, training, and merchandising operations.

Amanda has many years of experience in sales enablement to exceed company objectives through client obsession. When Amanda is not at work, she can be found with her family at the beach, watching her daughter sing and dance in a musical or gaming out with her husband and son.