Merchandising is so much more than simply stocking and straightening product on a shelf. The right display can speak to you and convince you that you cannot live one more day without that product. If you think we just place stickers and dust shelves, then you miss the fact that we bring products to life, so they can speak for themselves. Our merchandising work encompasses store audits, hygiene, POP placement through more complex display installation, and functionality troubleshooting.

If you have an eye for detail and a desire for flexible work, look for our open Merchandising positions. We also offer training and certification programs to advance your merchandising skills and career.

For those of you that enjoy assembling, disassembling, and troubleshooting electronics, look for our Technical Merchandising positions.

The selection process to join our Merchandising team includes submitting an application/resume (which only takes a few minutes), an ActionLink Talent Acquisition Specialist review of qualifications, a half hour web-based assessment, and a half hour video interview via webcam or mobile device—that’s all!

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