Training Solutions

Building Leaders in the field

ActionLink believes in ongoing training to continuously reinforce product knowledge and develop representatives of the highest caliber for our clients. A manager “manages,” a coach “develops.” Individuals in a position of leadership or management have responsibility to coach and develop the next generation of leaders.

Making the InStore More

In a retail environment that’s constantly and quickly changing, keeping sales associates informed and educated is critical. It’s not always simple or fast, but it’s vital to drive sales. And with our informal and highly effective coaching programs, ActionLink makes it easier than ever before. Our representatives can guide and mentor your in-store sales associates so they can open up to customers and close sales – naturally.

With a drive to succeed, a willingness to learn, and a desire to share with others, ActionLink representatives are ideally suited for collaborative interactions. They know and love the consumer electronics industry, and all that it offers. What’s more, our team is constantly receiving ongoing training from our vendors, in-house sales trainers and merchandise experts; so they have the most up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of the most advanced products in the often-complex retail businesses.

Actionlink representatives can help sales associates

  • Learn to correctly and effectively communicate and demonstrate new product advantages, features and benefits
  • Understand the retail environment
  • Qualify consumers, and persuade buying
  • Improve their interpersonal communication skills
  • Install and maintain merchandising displays
  • Stay on top of market trends and be aware of new developments
  • Understand retail-training procedures
  • Effectively utilize new data retrieval and information systems
  • ActionLink can also help clients develop all aspects of their own training programs, from copywriting and production to in-store scripting, streaming video and personal delivery.

Actionlink training methods include

  • Face-to-face, (in-store)
  • National formal training events (classroom style)
  • Online training and certification
  • Specialty training materials in formats such as Multimedia, Webcasts, Podcasts and conference calls

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