Put More on the floor

Whether it’s a busy weekend, a critical holiday or “drive time period”, you can turn to our expert sales team to help cover the floor, supplement your own sales force – and generate more revenue.

By talking with customers and exploring their needs; by highlighting product benefits and educating your customers about product attachments, upgrades & add-ons; and by recommending solutions that fit consumers’ lives and budgets, this team knows how to close the sale and boost revenues.

You’ll appreciate the fact that – though the ActionLink sales force stands out when it comes to generating sales — it blends seamlessly into your own workforce. So our team looks like your team and your customers see no difference. With sales experts in all categories in the largest consumer electronics retailers in the nation, ActionLink is proud to make you look good in front of your customers. More importantly, we’re proud of a team that’ll make sales to improve your bottom line.

Managing to create market results

In the ever-changing consumer electronics retail environment, developing strong relationships, realizing trends, and engaging customers is critical.

Our expert market development managers mentor your sales associates so they have thorough understanding of new products and technologies in the marketplace. What’s more, the ActionLink team helps your people engage your customers and make the in-store experience positive, professional and productive. We support retailer corporate selling strategies, enabling your sales associates listen to customers, gather lifestyle information, and consistently, eloquently convey product benefits and highlight features. Your team becomes comfortable and natural in connecting with customers, while connecting them with technology — the proof is in the sale.

Orchestrating a winning solution

“The ActionLink Symphony© program is like bringing together a compete orchestra; conducted to bring a diverse outcome of solutions and capability offerings to Customers, Vendors and Retail Partners”

ActionLink Symphony© is a departure from the typical 3rd party single vendor vertical relationship. Symphony is a revolutionary approach to reaching customers and building sales:

  • Creates a shared alliance among complementary vendors in a specific category, that will deliver a better experience for the customer
  • Build a solution based assortment and delivery strategy that provides associate training and coaching and a dynamic solution for the consumer
  • Consumer is the “winner” as they experience a sales journey that significantly exceeds the current standard

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