Merchandising your products to sell

ActionLink’s unique Display Lifecycle Management approach to total store functionality, store part requests, inventory management and field labor integration have earned us the distinction of becoming a consolidator for retail chains and vendors.

To help reduce total lifetime costs associated with In-store execution, we actively engaged with brands and retailers to write new standard operating procedures for display functionality. To test programs before they launch, we build functionality labs on our Akron, OH campus so brands and retailers can test interactive displays and other technologies against their retail partner’s Store Demonstration Networks before they deploy to stores. This will ensure digital compliance, save maintenance costs, improve “up time” and allow analytics to be consistently pulled off the interactive display.


Our Syndicated team provides in-store experience on a national basis from simple audits to building complex planograms and large-scale resets/remodels during or after store hours. Our Merchandisers bring visual displays, promotions and special offers to life ensuring shelf compliance optimizing products for sale at all times.

Merchandising Plus (Merch+)

Our Merchandising Plus team is utilized for functional display installations, audits and maintenance. Our team’s vast experience provides our clients with highly trained, knowledgeable and effective Technical Merchandisers. These teams utilize their expertise in building out complex functional displays, tough overnight resets and handling projects that are unique and demanding

Display Lifecycle Management

ActionLink’s unique approach to store part requests; inventory management, install & maintenance integration ties in three critical areas of operation:

  • Interactive reporting site to immediately resolve reported issues
  • Technical Support Center and Display Lab
  • Technical Support Center and Display Lab
  • Parts held in our inventory warehouse for direct shipment to our reps

If a problem with a fixture (or display) is identified by either a retail associate or an ActionLink representative, our TSC is available for on demand support to help resolve the issue. If the needed parts are readily identified, TSC representatives place and then ship the needed parts, from ActionLink’s facility, directly to the field representative for immediate resolution.

Our Display Lifecycle Management reporting portal provides visibility and a proactive approach to issues and exceptions at Retail. If store associates or ActionLink representatives place orders for items in need of repair through our portal, an automated labor request schedules the Merchandising Representative and alerts them a visit is needed with parts. The representative can also view the issues in need of repair and track where the parts are in the logistics process.

The simultaneous coordination of reporting, technical support, logistics, and field labor, reduces associated costs and decreases interruption of a nonfunctional display and improves the overall customer experience.

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