{ Consumers don't want a TV - they want a home theatre experience
Consumers don't want a computer - they want a connected digital solution
Consumers don't want a camera - they want to create digital memories
Consumers don't need products - they need solutions
If you are a manufacturer of consumer electronics
products, you've spent the past several years
working to build consumer solutions.

At ActionLink, we've spent the past several years
building an organization to help enable consumers
to buy those technology solutions at retail.

We've done it for a simple reason: We love retail
and we want to enable retail experiences that
create value for the manufacturers, retailers, and
ultimately, the consumer.
At ActionLink, we use enterprise level execution of
Assisted Sales, Coaching (in-person, on-line)
Brand Advocacy, Merchandising and much more
to create extraordinary outcomes for our clients.

As an organization, we use robust analytics to
optimize our client's investments and we create
shared-risk models to build true outcome-based

We are ActionLink – we’re ready when you are.